Night Photography by John Vias

Night photograph by John Vias titled Fairy Tale Benches I photograph in the dark. Night brings on a curfew, emptying streets and sidewalks. The even sunlight of the day gives way to dramatic pools of light, creating impromptu stages where the actors never arrive.

Night photograph by John Vias titled Skyline in Blue

Photographing at night is also like shooting a movie all on one frame. Time is compressed, movement is frozen. What's left is stillness and quiet. With our hurried lifestyles, my work is an invitation to slow down. And look.

I hope my work inspires you to visit my studio. You can also purchase prints right here.

Coming soon! A brand-new website with lots of new features and interactivity.

You can see my night photography:

  • At my studio in Berkeley. Please contact me for a no-obligation appointment.
  • In my book, Good Night, Ocean View.
See the news page for details, and join my low-volume announcement list to be notified about my shows.
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