Night Photography by John Vias

Welcome to my website. Here, you can learn more about me, browse my collection of night photographs, and buy a gorgeous print to add inspiration and beauty to your life.

Creating night photography is like shooting a movie all on one frame. Time is compressed, movement is frozen. What’s left is stillness, quiet, peace. Read more of my thoughts on night photography in my artist statement.

I hope you like my night photography as much as I like creating it. Please share your thoughts by leaving ratings and reviews.

—John Vias

"I got the print today, and it's gorgeous! It's better than I even imagined."

− Claire, patron

"I really love this print, and I gain new perspectives on it as I see it in different times of day in different lights."

− Kathy, patron

"We are very glad to be able to have your art in our lives. Thanks!"

− Lipton, patron

"I'm thrilled with my small-format print. I hung it in my study, and my eye is drawn to it constantly. I'm seriously considering buying another copy in a larger size."

− Tom, patron