Fairy Tale Benches

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This scene looks to be in miniature, like a picture from a storybook about an enchanted land. What are the visual cues that make us think what we are seeing is smaller than it actually is?

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2 reviews for Fairy Tale Benches

  1. Deborah Underwood

    This is one of my favorite images! I keep coming back to it. The colors, the otherworldly light–it almost looks like a painting to me. It’s hard to believe this place exists in the real world! Thanks for helping me see things in literally a new light.

  2. Greg Hutchings

    What a beautiful image, John. You captured this scene at just the right moment, and just the right framing. It looks so inviting – in the foreground, and also with the sea view in the distance. Nicely done, and thanks for sharing it!

    • John Vias

      You’re welcome, Greg, and thanks for the kind words. This is one of my favorites, and unlike most of my other work.

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