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Interview with Me on Berkeleyside

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I’m excited about an interview with me that was just published by the Berkeleyside news site. Tracey Taylor, cofounder and editor of Berkeleyside, interviewed me and wrote up the piece. (UPDATE: She also came to my studio for East Bay Open Studios. Nice to meet you, Tracey!) Thanks to everyone who left compliments about my work, “liked” the article on Facebook, and tweeted about it.

The article also got picked up by SFGate (home of the San Francisco Chronicle) and The Bay Citizen.

Bloggers Are Writing about My Work

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Carolyn Edlund, who aims to get exposure for emerging artists through her blog, Artsy Shark, posted an interview with me. In it, I tell the story of how I got started, what’s unique about night photography, how I spend those long minutes in the cold while I’m waiting for the film to be exposed, a thought experiment, my advice for budding artists, and more.

Jan Weiss, a Bay Area artist behind Tuesday Moon Studio (and later, The Art Planet), wrote a blog post about my work. She likes pictures of chairs too. Thanks, Carolyn and Jan!

Bench and Poles in Diablo Magazine

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Bench and Poles, a night photograph by John Vias, reprinted in Diablo magazineI’m proud to say that Bench and Poles was selected from among many to represent and help promote the East Bay Open Studios in Diablo magazine this month. As you may know, Diablo is the magazine of the East Bay (a region east of San Francisco). The exposure puts my work in front of thousands more art lovers in the region. Click on the thumbnail image for a larger view of the page.